Why Friends Up Started!


Why Friends Up Started - High Five Dog

 You might be thinking: "Mmm, A Christian Dog Store?! That's _______ (fill the blank) cute, neat, awwww, funny, unique." 

You might, just like us, have gotten your 4-legged friend in a very important moment of your life and he/she has been your angel since then. A ton of adventures together... parks, friend’s house, stormy days, bring your pet day at work, you name it.

Your 4-legged friend has been always by your side. When you were feeling up or down. Sometimes you just look into those eyes glazing at your and you feel THAT joy! You hear them say: "Everything is going to be ok!".

Phoebe, a Golden Retriever, showed up in my life in late 2019. It could not have been a better time. It was the beginning of a (looong) pandemic that put all of us inside our houses with more time to revive some of our old dreams. I started to use my sewing machine again and sewed masks to donate to friends. She was (is) always by my side and playful. She grabbed a piece of fabric and ran away with it. The next thing that I saw, she was sleeping with it. I, then, decided to make her a bandana and she loved it. The last few years have been tough on people’s mental health, mine included. However, thank God I had her to start with. She would be looking at me and it was like I could hear her voice… “Everything will be ok.” or “You are not alone.” So I grabbed her bandana and put some Inspirational messages on her for myself. People started loving them while I walked her, and because of that, in June 2020 I decided to open Friends Up to share Inspirational messages with everyone through our dogs. 


About Friends Up Family



Friends Up Family - Couple Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

With the same core beliefs, Kevin and I met back in May 2020 and got married in May 2021. We clicked instantly for believing the same things: God is in charge of our lives, God’s plans for our lives are to serve and share His message of love, and of course our obsession for our dogs and family. We both feel that our dogs are angels sent by God to help us out in this life. Sawyer is the most sensitive and loving German Shepherd you will ever meet, but he is also very protective of his family and special his little sister Phoebe. Phoebe is just obsessed with her “broda” Sawyer. They get along very well, love playing at the river and with their cousin Thai at Kevin’s parents. They are also by my side while I work on your new order. The majority of the time, you will be communicating with me, Marcella, for customers’ service and experience, orders, shipment, products and etc. Kevin is the biggest motivator and helps to bring new ideas and wholesale clients to Friends Up! We are glad you are here and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

God bless,

Marcella on behalf of Friends Up Family!

Friends Up Family