Our Mission

Our Mission


Golden Retriever - Friends Up StudioWe know you understand your dogs and they understand you, but it doesn't have to stop there!!! We want everyone to know and hear a message of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE through our 4-legged-angel friends. 

Our mission is to share a message of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE one dog at a time. That means: when you are walking with your dog(s) around the neighborhood, when you have friends over for dinner,  when you are going to a friend's house, on a playdate in the park, or even when you are waiting for the rain to pass under a canopy. This one person will be there and say: "Can I pat your dog?!" and you go: "Sure!! He/she loves attention." and this one person goes: "Awww, thank you! Look at this bandana. I NEEDED to hear this message today! It made my day".

Our Products & Process


Sewing Dog Bandanas - Friends Up Studio

We handmade our Bandanas in Maryland - USA and passion is our biggest drive. We invest time to find and learn new technics that will improve the quality of our products. We are conscious of wasting material, our environment, and our Country. Our Bandanas are slide-on type and made with 100% cotton material machine washable and dryable. We choose super soft and durable fabrics, breathable, and comfortable for the comfort and safety of your dogs. And because safety is one of the main goals, we use slide-on type to give you, the pawrent, the certainty your dog will be safe with flexibility around your his/her neck.